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Follow your call for freedom and allow yourself to be happy. I offer you intensive life plan sessions in which I shed light on your life situation, your blockages and your possibilities. Through my medial skills in deep connection with the universal source, I accompany you in recognizing your life plan and fulfilling it. This gives your life a deeper meaning and more freedom. Get involved and allow yourself a happy life.

Lifeplan Sessions in Tulum, Mexico + online

It is inspiring when we get to know ourselves better and can develop. Each of us faces various trials, challenges and encounters throughout our lives. Step by step we continue to develop. Then when we are ready to go deeper, we ask ourselves why we are here and what we can do. Often it is the deep call for fulfillment, to strive for something meaningful and to serve the world.

You are also on earth as a human being to find your life plan and to live it. You can postpone it, then experience has shown that the life tests become more and more difficult. And if you don’t follow your path, it will surely be waiting for you again in the next life. Therefore, it is nice if you now devote yourself to your life plan. This is courageous and you will be able to find more freedom, satisfaction and deep fulfillment by accepting your life plan.

It is with great pleasure that I offer you my support. I have had psychic abilities since childhood. As a clairvoyant I am able to read energies, images and information about people, places and situations. I have already been able to help many people around the world in intensive life plan sessions to learn more about their life plan and the meaning of their lives. This can change your whole life at once.

The gift of spiritual sight was given to me and is part of my life plan. I am connected to the universal source, Jesus & Mary on the deepest level and serve as a conduit. This gives me access to your emotions, your life situation, your vocation and various other aspects of your life. I can offer you insights into your energy field, blockages, partnership, family & friends, place of residence, job / vocation, health, fulfillment, meaning of your life, your life plan, vision of your future and more.

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Private session with Boris Universe highlighting 1-2 areas of life. Including meeting. Duration up to 30 minutes.

80 USD

Life Plan Session GOLD UNIVERSE

Private session with Boris Universe highlighting 2-4 areas of life. Including discussion, time for questions and short meditation, in which the first impulses of the session can be integrated. Duration up to 60 minutes.

130 USD

Life plan session DIAMANT UNIVERSE

Private session with Boris Universe, in which any number of areas of life are illuminated. Including a detailed discussion, time for questions and intensive meditations, in which the impulses of the session can be integrated. Duration up to 120 minutes.

240 USD

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    About me

    I am Boris Universe. I was born on a full moon night in Germany and grew up there. Later I lived on Lake Constance for 7 years and currently my center of life is Heidelberg and Tulum, Mexico.

    I was honored by the University of Kaiserslautern, the Minister of Economics and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the future competitions for my view into the future.

    I have always been very sensitive and have been searching for the meaning of my life since childhood. Step by step my life plan was revealed to me, which fills me deeply.

    I have been dealing with meditation, extraordinary phenomena, cosmic consciousness, crystals and power places for more than 20 years. In 2001 I founded today’s Freiraum network with around 1,000 people within the community.

    Numerous seminars, events, festivals and trips have been organized by me with great joy and dedication for the benefit of humanity. I am very happy to show other people our beautiful world and access to our mental abilities. 

    I have gained my international reputation through numerous lectures, interviews and appearances on national and international television as well as through invitations to world conferences and the UN in New York City.

    What is most important to me is that every person can feel themselves, be able to develop freely and develop further. I am happy to support you with my mediumistic gifts in deep connection with God, Jesus + Mary from the bottom of my heart. I’m here for you.

    Your Boris Universe 💗

    With Don Alexandro Cirillo, spokesman for all indigenous tribes at the UN, New York City (2010)
    Lecture in New York City in front of representatives of the indigenous peoples, UN MPs and 20 million TV viewers (2010)
    Special Crystal Meditation in Stuttgart (2011)
    Natural reserve project on Galapagos Islands
    Event in the Hotel Pyramid Fürth (2013)
    Show & energy work in Harres Center (2016)
    Meditation in Palenque (2021)
    Moderation of my annual events (2003 – 2019)
    At the sun pyramide of Teotihuacan (2021)
    Waterfal Ecuador (2014)
    Good mood with my tour group
    Playa del Carmen (2021)
    I love delicious food … lecker
    Waterfal Misol Ha (2021)
    Good friday in Palenque, Mexico (2022)
    The world is beautiful, Playa del Carmen
    Agua Azul, Mexico (2022)
    All-Inclusive Resort, Mexico (2022)
    Fair of the joy of life (2022)
    Star night in Germany (2022)
    In the Heart Center Chichen-Itza (2021)
    At home, Tulum (2022)